Moving Stories partners with community

organizations to create shows integrating live

storytelling with original music and dance 

Our mission is to create high-quality arts productions that empower individuals within the community, creating a platform for them to share their voices and their stories. We strive to address relevant social issues through the lens of personal experience, while enhancing the content of stories told through music and dance.

We operate under the philosophy that the community benefits when individual members share their stories publicly. By addressing issues that plague our communities, cities, and society at large, we hope to use this template for live performance to empower individuals while also creating a dialogue within the community. 

The performance is designed based fully on the content of stories told. Our team of professional choreographers, musicians, composers, storytellers, and directors knit together a structure in which all forms can come together, and exist side-by-side. 

As an arts model, and a business model, our hope is to fight elitism in the arts. On a purely aesthetic level, it is our belief that people--or any one person--have something to offer the rest of the community. Our team works to create a show that highlights whatever that particular message is. The fundamental philosophy here is that the everyday person has just as much to offer on stage as the concert pianist, opera singer, or jazz saxophonist. 

As a business model, Moving Stories strives to create a partnership between highly successful arts institutions (museums, conservatories, etc.), and grassroots organizations. Moving Stories serves as the middleman, or intermediary between the two. Sponsored by successful arts institutions, we work in partnership with a community organization, to build a show based on the stories of individuals within that organization. With our team of directors, we aim to create a show that appeals to all audiences: those within the arts community, and those outside of it. The show itself would serve to create a dialogue within the community, diminish stigma, and create a larger sense of community--across boundaries of class, race, gender, and culture. 

It is our fundamental belief that the power of the everyday can, when presented honestly, be more striking than that which is highly cultivated. 

If we could reopen the conversation between our best minds and the broader public, the result would not only transform society, but also artistic and intellectual life. Most American artists, intellectuals, and academics have lost their ability to converse with the rest of society. We have become wonderfully expert in talking to one another, but we have become almost invisible and inaudible in the general culture.
— Dana Gioia, former chairmen, National Endowment for the Arts

Why does this matter?

Moving Stories was founded on the belief that the power of the everyday can, when

presented honestly, be more striking than that which is highly cultivated.

We believe that everyone deserves equal access to high quality arts. But perhaps more

importantly, we believe that the voices of community members—and their real-life experiences

and stories—actually serve to fill a missing link within the art world itself.

• The “art world” can feel insular, exclusive, and detached from the community at large.

Moving Stories strives to build a bridge between the art world and everyday life: so outsiders

are given a way in, and insiders have their bubble popped, just a little.

• Productions are presented in theaters, with professional lighting and sound. By bringing

the productions into the professional arts realm, we strive to carve out a space in the art world

for their voices and stories—and to present a high quality show that captivates art audiences

and everyday people alike.

• Moving Stories brings arts resources to the people, and, in return, brings voices and stories

into the art world that may not otherwise be there. A connection is made; a conversation has



Moving Stories…

• provides free workshops in storytelling, music, dance and movement to individuals in

partnering organizations.

• strives to break down recycled structures in the arts, and to provide a model for individuals to

engage more authentically with the performing arts.

• provides a platform for individuals to share their voices and their stories, and an opportunity

for them to gain autonomy and ownership over their creative experience.

• values improvisation and collaboration. Cast members work collaboratively with a team of directors to put together stories, as well as original movement and music. 

• relies on storytelling to provide the content of the show, and to carry the narrative arch. Music,

dance, and movement serve to enhance the content of stories told.

• seeks to validate every person’s aesthetic preferences, while also encouraging them to

expand their awareness and skill set by learning about new genres and styles. We work cross-genre,

creating a structure that embeds multiple aesthetics.

• integrates original compositions and live music whenever possible.


The Socialization of genre

• By working hands-on in multiple genres, individuals are given a chance to consider why they

like what they like, and where those preferences come from.

• Individuals are given a chance to explore new styles, experiment beyond their comfort zone,

and find passions they never knew existed.

• It is all too common for audiences to be divided by age, race, and class. We strive to create

productions that resonate with a diverse audience—and that people from all walks of life

actually want to come and see.

Join us.